brite spokes by Kuoni Certifies Agents in Experiential Travel, August 30, 2014

The experiential travel experts behind brite spokes by Kuoni had over 95 agents participate in their certification program during a two-part webinar series that took place on Aug. 12 and Aug. 14, 2014. The program was so successful that additional sessions are planned for the fall.

The webinars addressed each principle of experiential travel and delved into the many ways the trend appeals to travelers. Agents learned how to market experiential travel to various client demographics and the benefits available when booking a brite spokes experience.

“It was important to speak with travel agents directly and explain to them the ‘ins and outs’ of this new trend that can help agents take home substantial earnings,” said Mark Morello, CEO of brite spokes. “There are so many unique and exclusive opportunities that we can offer customers; we want to ensure agents are aware of the value of a brite spokes experience and how it can fit into their sales,” he continued.