5 Active Trips in the States (Miami Lakes, FL)

brite spokes by Kuoni, a new travel brand that is offering vacationers a variety of thematic trips, exclusive experiences and personally enriching adventures, has included a rally car racing itinerary in its lineup that’s ideal for the adventure traveler.

Guests will learn to slide around a slalom course with complete precision, do a J-turn, a pendulum turn, and pull a reverse 180° and they’ll also have the opportunity to sit shotgun with a pro-driver as they speed through a private off-road course. “People want to get the most out of everything they do and add to their own story, which makes obscure activities such as rally that much more intriguing,” says Mark C. Morello, CEO of brite spokes. Gateway cities are Boston or New York and the getaway includes a 2-night stay at a luxury resort; transportation to and from the hotel and driving school; two breakfasts, two lunches, and one dinner; a trip manager; and 24/7 customer service. The rate is $5,450 pp or $5,050 it it’s a 4-person group.

Who to book: “The rally consumer speaks specifically to the active adventure traveler, business leisure traveler, and the affluent traveler; men looking for an adrenaline-filled guy’s weekend, as well as women looking to challenge themselves and feel empowered. There’s nothing like doing a reverse 180° like a Bond girl to make a woman feel sexy and confident,” says Morello.


This excerpt is from the July 2014 issue of Recommend Magazine, featured in the article “5 Active Trips in the States”. Click on the link above for the full issue.